Yusupov Palace and Rasputin Murder Mystery

Yusupov Palace










Throughout two centuries St. Petersburg was the resplendent capital of the Russian Empire and the vibrant centre of its high society. Here, close to the Royal court, representatives of the richest, most brilliant aristocratic families, prominent statesmen and multi-millionaire merchants lived and made their business. The façades of their smart palaces concealed intrigues, family happiness and broken hearts, grim mysteries and down-to-earth politics. One of such family nests is the infamous Yusupov Palace – indeed, it has seen many interesting people, exciting and gloomy events.


Come to see the gorgeous Yusupov mansion in St. Petersburg. The passing rich family of Princes Yusupovs owned 50 estates and manors in all of the Russian Empire and abroad, but their home on the Moika river was their favourite.

Yusupov Palace

Yusupov Palace is among the very few noble mansions of St. Petersburg that managed to retain the spirit of the former owners. Reception rooms, parlours, a private picture gallery, miniature home theatre, private rooms (dressing rooms, studies, bedrooms and bathrooms) – everything keeps the memory of the high society family that once left their home not to return anymore.

Princess Yusupova’s private rooms are a kingdom of elegance and serenity. On the whole private apartments are well-preserved without any changes. The rooms of Felix and Irene reflect the Silver Age tastes – even the boudoir is silver. Felix’s study with a poo looks as if the owner’s just gone out for a minute, and Aladdin’s Cave (Irene’s jewelry storage) is stil waiting to be filled with high-end family jewels.

The palace willingly tells us about the lavish lifestyle of the top wealthiest people of the old Russian Empire. Did they have any skeletons in the cupboard? Sure! Come and find out!

The Yusupov Palace also houses a popular exhibition, describing Felix Yusupov’s plot to kill Rasputin.


Grigory Rasputin

The history of mankind knows plenty of dark and mysterious personalities, whose names are wrapped in the thick cloak of secrets and contradictory conjectures. In Ruassia of the beginning of the 20th century such a scandalous figure was Rasputin, frequently called a ghost of the agonizing Empire.

Everything about Rasputin is interesting: his personality, his beard, mesmerizing glance and his legendary sexual drive. The miracles he worked, political games he played and the atmosphere of mystery around his death. This man came from the depth of Siberia having just a staff and in just several months he magically transformed into a tsar’s favourite. Did he really acquire such a tremendous influence of the royal family? What’s the secret of his fantastic success? Why did everybody who knew Rasputin have diametrically opposite opinions about him? Some people believed he was a holy man, a healer and miracle-worker, others cursed him as vicious old swindler and adventurer.

Upon request our tour company can add a private tour including sights connected with life and death of Rasputin to your Yusupov Palace tour.