White Nights Boat Trip and Raised Bridges

Neva river cruiseWhite Nights, outstanding architecture, big city lights – every visitor wants to feel the vibe of St. Petersburg. It’s a very special time and a sunset boat trip or the Neva river cruise for raised bridges provide a very special setting.

Our routes always pass historic landmarks and picturesque sights beautifully lit at night. Opt for a night boat trip instead of a daytime one.

What Bridges are Raised at Night?

Massive bridge spans are raised at different times according to the schedule set for each summer in the beginning of the navigation period. Night Neva river cruise allows to see the famous bridges:

  • Blagoveshchensky Bridge was the first one ever built across the Neva.
  • Trinity Bridge, designed by Batignolles company was a present from France to Russia and is sometimes nicknamed the Eiffel Bridge.
  • Palace Bridge is a magnet for tourists. Though unfinished because of WW1 and revolution, this bridge is considered the most beautiful during raising of the bridges. Its graceful silhouette appears on all the postcards and fridge magnets.
  • Liteiny Bridge has the Neva’s deepest place under its opening span.
  • Alexander Nevsly Bridge is St. Petersburg’s longest one.


Enjoy the Neva views from the boat or from the embankment? Get a sight of 1-2 bridges or see the most spectacular ones during your Neva river cruise?

It’s easy to do: book a raised bridges tour with our company and we’ll show you the Venice of the North in its full splendor!


Night Boat Trip


What to expect:

  • LEISURELINESS. A small pleasure cabin boat will show you St. Petersburg even in bad weather.
  • ACTION.  A Bayliner Capri powerboat will take you on a fast Neva ride.
  • COMFORT.  An American boat will greet you with a spacious cabin and leather interior trim.
  • FUN.  Have a picnic on board, barbecue or sing karaoke? Don’t hesitate and choose a retro boat with a cabin, audio-system and grill.

What images come to mind when St. Petersburg is mentioned?
Glorious pages of history, gorgeous architectural ensembles, culture crawls… White Nights and a Neva river cruise with raised bridges are inseparable parts of our city, its blood and allure.