Tours to St. Petersburg

Tours to St. Petersburg can be public or private.

Public Tours to St. Petersburg

Public tours have fixed itineraries and fixed prices irrespective of the number of participants.

Advantages for cruise ship passengers:

  • Public tours include maximum sights within a limited time
  • You don’t have to bother looking for travel companions to share the tour cost
  • Guaranteed package deal, including blanket visas

We provide public tours to cruise ship passengers. However, if you stay in a hotel and would like to join in a public tour – let us know your dates in St. Petersburg and we’ll offer available options.

Private Tours to St. Petersburg

Private tours to St. Petersburg are attuned to requirements and preferences of the customer.

Definite advantages are:

  • Maximum flexibility – you can choose what you would like to see and how much time you would like to spend in each place
  • 100% customized tour itinerary answering your tastes and interests
  • Private guide and driver attentive to your preferences and needs
  • Your own pace of the tour

Voice your requirements – no matter how vague or precise – and we’ll compose a tentative program tailored for you, your family and friends.

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