St. Petersburg Local Guide and Car

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St. Petersburg local guide and car is the best choice for those visitors who’d like to stay flexible without depending upon other people in the group. At the same time it’s the best way to explore local places away from crowded touristy tracks.

You can opt to walk down the streets, people-watch and window-shop, visit something very off-the-beaten-track of focus on art and spend the whole day exploring the Hermitage treasures or see Russian icons and Russian Impressionists, relax in the picturesque parks and gardens or take the Neva river and canal boat cruise, explore the local markets and food places or go to the Russian sauna and have Russian vodka sample-tasting for lunch. There are lots of things you can see and do that skip attention of small and big group tours heading only for the most famous.

Visa-free Shore Excursion with Your St. Petersburg Local Guide

St. Petersburg tour guide and car option is ideal for travelers coming to St. Petersburg on the second or third visit, or those who’d like to meet friends, and – of course – for those who want to have your own custom tour including the places you choose and the pace you want.

Tour details

The suggested tour duration is from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. However it’s your custom tour and it’s entirely up to you to decide how long your tour day should be, how many tour days you would like to have, whether you would like to add evening or night tours, etc. Just let me know your wishes and preferences and I will compose a personalized custom tour for you.

At 9 a.m. your private St. Petersburg tour guide and vehicle of the necessary size will be waiting for you in the port terminal. For the whole day you have guide and driver services at your disposal. You decide where you’d like to go and what you’d like to see.

Some museums are easy to pay on the spot, others require prior arrangements (such as the Hermitage, Catherine Palace and Amber Room, Yusupov Palace). Let me know if you have specific museums/activities on your list and I’ll advise on which things need to be pre-arranged.


The price below is to give you an idea of the tour cost. If you decide to have a shorter or longer tour day, or several days instead of just 1 – I’ll recalculate.

Number of personsPrice per person
2 pax165 USD
4 pax90 USD
6 pax65 USD

Tour Inclusions:

  • port access fees for your guide and transport to pick you up by the ship side;
  • visa-free arrangements (complimentary for our customers);
  • St. Petersburg local guide fluent in English for 1 day (timing as per program);
  • transportation by a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle of the necessary size (timing as per program);
  • bottled water supply for 2 days;

Tour Exclusions:

  • museum entrance fees;
  • food or drinks;
  • gratuities for the guide and drivers.
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