Winter St. Petersburg

Those, who travel to our country in winter or just get a St. Petersburg city break agree, that it’s the best time to visit.

Best Time to Travel to Russia

Of course, when seeing so many pictures from St. Petersburg, all summer, sunny and warm, one thinks summer is the best tiWinter St. Petersburgme to travel to Russia. Think twice.

Summer is certainly the most popular time to visit St. Petersburg. Partially due to the White Nights, partially due to Baltic cruises that operate from May till October. But trust me: there are special things in each season. A lot of visitors will agree that fall foliage is a beautiful period. To me winter is the best time to travel to Russia in general and Petersburg in particular. Remember, from old movies and books Russia is always associated with winter and snow. People from hot countries come to see the white Christmas here.

There are certain advantages in visiting St. Petersburg in winter:

  • Cultural tour. This city is always a cultural crawl. But think, what is better: to crawl through crowds without seeing too much or an opportunity to spend enough time to appreciate a work of art or to crawl at your pace through practically empty museum halls? From the point of view of museum visits, winter is the best time to travel to Russia.
  • Theatrical season. For theatre-lovers visiting in summer is a nightmare: majority of performances are touristy. Of course, there are Stars of the White Nights festival in Mariinsky, but still slow tourist season offers better quality and wider choice as for the theatre life.
  • Winter activities. Well, yes: there are things available only in summer (boat rides, fountains, White Nights). But Russia offers lots of activities meant for winter. Russian troika rides, skiing, skating and banya (Russian sauna) seem to have entirely been created for the cold period.
  • Holiday season. The beautiful St. Petersburg gets incredibly ornate during the holiday season. On top to regular activities, one gets a bonus of festive performances and fairs. Holidays are in the air, come and breathe in!

St. Petersburg City Break

No matter the season, St. Petersburg city break is ideal for those who live and work in Europe or Russia.

St. Petersburg city break in winter

A winter weekend in our city can be a mix of culture and active leisure.

  • After a visit to uncrowded Hermitage, it’s nice to relax with a cup of coffee, smell cinnamon and ginger flavours, rest your legs for a while. And then get to the New Holland, where a modern skating rink is surrounded by a historic environment.
  • After a classic sightseeing tour by car, plan a trip to Okhta park, where one can ski, skate or just walk. Especially great for families with kids.
  • As a rule, Catherine Palace and Amber room is a must-see in any St. Petersburg tour itinerary. Rent skis or sledge in the Alexander garden after that and enjoy the crispy snow and the beauty around. Or get a Russian troika ride in the Pavlovsk park combined with an outdoor picnic or a delicious sample-tasting lunch in Podvorye restaurant.