What to See in St. Petersburg

What to See in St PetersburgWhat to see in St. Petersburg? First and foremost, a city built on water, St. Petersburg offers beautiful scenery and a wide range of sights. Besides a traditional city sightseeing tour by bus and a variety of walking tour routes and topics, it’s recommended to take a boat tour. St. Petersburg was built around a network of canals. St. Petersburg bridges do not only serve as a means of communication, they are a way to additionally decorate the city with sculptures, intricate wrought-iron railings and remarkable lampposts. A canal boat tour is the best way to enjoy their beauty.

The other must-do in St. Petersburg is a stroll along Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg’s main avenue. Nevsky Prospect has been the main focus for shopping and entertainment since the mid-18th century. Bustling with life any time of day and season, Nevsky has many sights of historic, architectural and cultural interest, including Stroganov and Anichkov Palaces, music halls, Alexandrinsky theatre, Kazan Cathedral, shopping arcades, etc. the avenue was also once known as the “Street of Religious Tolerance”, referring to a number of churches of different denominations.

St. Petersburg is a relatively young city by European measurements. Its short but stormy history is reflected in many of its museums. The Peter and Paul Fortress, city’s first building, contrasts with Baroque churches and Neo-Classical palaces. For every visitor there will be a different, his own answer to What to see in St. Petersburg question.

St. Petersburg boasts more than 200 museums, many of them are housed in palaces or other buildings of historical and architectural importance. Some are world-renowned art museums, such as the Hermitage or Faberge Museum. Others, like the Russian Museum or Erarta, highlight local art, history and culture. There are apartment-museums, commemoration lives and work of famous artists, writers and musicians. There are museums, dedicated to political events and the 1917 revolution, for instance, Political History museum in the Kshesinskaya mansion or Smolny museum featuring memorabilia of the Revolution. More special interests from railway engines and military and naval exhibits to medical collections, insects and whales, dolls and toys – all find reflection in the wealth of museums.

To help you make the choice on What to see in St. Petersburg, we offer a detailed information on the best museums, palaces and churches not to be missed. Browse our museums section and e-mail us to help you make an ideal tour plan and get the most out of your stay.

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