2-Day Tour: House of Faberge

Faberge egg


This is a story of opulence and style of the wealthiest people of the Russian Empire, the rise of the House of Faberge and revolution.


Faberge Egg Collection and Other Masterpieces that Outlived the Empire

The mysteries and beauty of “the land of the firebird” attract like a magnet. No wonder the word combination Faberge egg immediately sparks interest. The famous Faberge egg collection framed with other masterpieces and symbols of the bygone empire will hold your attention for 2 days:

  • City tour by car and boat will show you St. Petersburg’s famous landmarks. You will see where the main office, store and workshop of the House of Faberge were located as well as the apartment of Carl Faberge himself.
  • Tour the Faberge Museum. Faberge egg hunt will bring you to the world’s biggest and most famous collection of jewelry by the House of Faberge and contemporaries.
  • The renowned Hermitage possesses St. Petersburg’s second biggest collection of Faberge items. Besides the Faberge memorial exhibition, the tour will take you to the Winter Palace: see the opulence and get the image of the Royal clients of the House of Faberge. Jewelry was not the only passion of the tsars. A tour of the Hermitage highlights will provide a good idea of the Imperial family tastes and habits.
  • Church on the Blood stands out among the architectural gems of St. Petersburg. Built in the favourite style of the last two Russian tsars, the world’s largest museum of mosaics that it comprises will be a cherry on the cake of your St. Petersburg stopover.
  • One more jewelry collection that includes Faberge items belongs to Peterhof. Of course, coming to Peterhof one can’t skip the famous fountain gardens. Our tour also includes a visit to Peterhof Special Treasury. Among the crown jewels, coronation thrones, blessing icons, gorgeous dresses and personal belongings of the tsars you will see more of masterpieces by the House of Faberge and even a jeweler’s workplace.
  • To crown it all and add to the mysteries of St. Petersburg a visit to the Catherine Palace and Amber room is included in the itinerary. The unique Amber panels that adorn a room of the lavish palace shows that a jewelry piece can be of any size (especially if you talk of the Russian imperial family).



    Group Size2 pax4 pax6 pax8 pax10 pax12 pax14 pax
    Price per adult517 USD337 USD305 USd274 USD268 USD241 USD219 USD
    Price pp including early booking discount491 USD320 USD290 USD260 USD255 USD229 USD208 USD
    The price includes:
    • local taxes, port charges, visa-free tour tickets (complimentary),
    • driving city tour,
    • Peterhof Special Storerooms and fountain parks,
    • Catherine Palace & Amber Room,
    • Faberge Museum,
    • Hermitage Museum – special early admission (main museum complex),
    • General Staff building (Impressionists, Postimpressionists, Faberge Memorial exhibition),
    • Resurrection Cathedral (Church on the Blood),
    • River and canal boat tour (privately for the group – separate boat),
    • English-speaking tour guide, ear-phones for groups larger than 6 persons – 2 full days,
    • Private a/c vehicle of the necessary size – 2 full days,
    • Bottled water supply for 2 days.

    House of Faberge Tour Itinerary:

    Day 1

    8:30-9:00 – disembark, go through the passport control, meet your guide and driver at the port terminal.

    Start with some driving city tour that will serve as a foreword and introduction to St. Petersburg and Russia in general and Faberge times. Drive outside St. Petersburg to Peterhof.

    10:15-12:00 – Your first major visit is Peterhof palace and park ensemble, considered by many to be “the Crown Jewel” of sights in all of Russia. Here the tour will take you to the Special Storerooms of Peterhof located in the part of the Grand Peterhof Palace that once used to serve as private quarters to Catherine the Great herself. The Special Storerooms exhibition shows private belongings of the Romanov tsars and some crown jewelry including works of the early 20th century jewelers and Carl Faberge workshop in particular. The magnificent gardens with the unique fountain system will add to your impressions of Peterhof.

    Time for lunch/snack and transfer to Pushkin (formerly called Tsarskoye Selo)

    13:30-15:00 – Next on the tour is the spectacular Catherine Palace. This lavish Imperial palace is the only inside visit in the itinerary, which is not connected directly with the name of Faberge. However those who appreciate beauty will certainly enjoy the exquisite Amber room and the magnificent Catherine gardens.

    Return to St. Petersburg city centre

    16:00-17:30 – Faberge museum. It goes without saying, that this special visit is the pinnacle of the Faberge tour day: for this hour and a half you will be surrounded by incredible beauty.

    Around 18:00-18:30 – return to the port, evening free.


    Day 2

    9:00 – meeting. Continue the city tour. You’ll see conventional must-see sights and have stops for taking pictures. You will also pass by some places/buildings connected with Carl Faberge and Faberge Jewelry House.

    10:00 – The State Hermitage museum, special early admission. Enjoy the treasures of the Hermitage museum. You will walk through the reception rooms and throne halls of the Winter Palace and plunge into the precious collections of West-European art. The special early entrance will allow you to perceive the masterpieces without the crowds of regular visitors (the Hermitage opens doors t public a 10:30 every day).

    11:40-12:00 – Palace Square walk.

    12:00 – 13:00 – General Staff Building of the Hermitage. You will see the famous collections of Impressionists, Postimpressionists, Matisse and Picasso and visit the Faberge memorial exhibition also located there.

    Time for lunch/snack.

    14:00 – 15:00 – River and canal boat tour (privately for your group – separate boat)

    15:30-16:00 – Church on the Blood inside visit. Although this picturesque onion-dome church has nothing to do with Faberge (except that it’s the contemporary to Faberge monument of architecture), however this short visit will certainly add to your tour, as Resurrection Cathedral or Saviour on the Blood (as locals call it) is the world’s largest museum of mosaic.

    16:30 – return on board the ship.