St. Petersburg Tours


St Petersburg toursThe place, where history, culture and architecture are interwoven. The city with its own peculiar charm and spirit. Probably this explains irresistible appeal of St. Petersburg tours.

Age-old landmarks, majestic architectural ensembles and numerous museums can be explored on your own or with a local St. Petersburg guide.

One can come aboard a Baltic cruise ship and take shore excursions in St. Petersburg or fly in with a tourist visa to Russia in the passport (how to get a Russian visa). What option to choose?

St. Petersburg Tours with and without Visas

Don’t want to go through bothers of obtaining a tourist visa to Russia? You don’t have to if you arrive by a cruise ship. Baltic cruises enable you to visit ports of call, including our city, without visas. But there’s one condition: you have to take pre-arranged shore excursions in St. Petersburg (visa requirement for cruise ship passengers).

Have you already obtained a tourist visa to Russia? Then there’s a whole collection of historic places, elegant coffee-shops and picturesque streets waiting for you. The choice is too big for just 2 days in St. Petersburg. It’s necessary to select the attractions to visit and arrange tours yourself.

Hire a Local St. Petersburg Guide or Have Self-Guided Tours?

Arranging a tour is not a walk in the park. One might say: “Why so? I don’t have to adjust to the others and can walk the city with my guidebook”.

Well, because you risk to choose a wrong track and waste your time. Some things, such as Amber Room in the Catherine Palace or Rasputin murder in the Yussupov Palace are available only on a pre-arranged tour. Besides, visa-free shore excursions in St. Petersburg are only possible with a tour guide.

A guided tour isn’t necessary hackneyed and conventional. Your tour can be customized to your requirements and your St. Petersburg guide will be attentive to our wishes and interests.

With the help of a local tour guide you will:

  • get an insight to the local culture and traditions (attend a theatrical performance, dine out);
  • visit museums and sights that require pre-booking;
  • glance beyond the conventional tourist routes
  • plan the itinerary efficiently to cover more sights and activities;
  • avoid tiresome lining up to enter museums;
  • learn legends, stories, ask questions, discuss things.

Keynote your plans and we’ll compose a custom tour itinerary to make your stay in the Northern city of St. Petersburg memorable!